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Is Chair Yoga right for you?

Yoga has been getting a lot of attention in the media, and as it becomes more main stream, people from all walks of life are giving it a try, hoping to gain some of the benefits it offers, such as: increased flexibility, increased strength, reduced stress, and reduced pain.

But for many of us the practice of Yoga can seem completely unattainable. How exactly do you get your foot behind your head, like the girl in the advertisement?

Well, rest assured, there are forms of Yoga that make it accessible to everyone. If you are just dipping your toe into the practice of Yoga, try finding a Beginners Yoga class at a local studio. Most studios offer many styles and teachers, so just keep trying until you find a fit. If you prefer more privacy, look into Private Yoga sessions in Greensboro or for a teacher in your area, where you can practice one-on-one with the teacher of your choice.

Keep in mind that general Yoga classes are not right for everyone. If you can’t get up and down off the floor easily, due to injury, lack of flexibility, decreased strength, or joint replacement you can still do Yoga, but you will need to start with a modified Yoga practice called Chair Yoga.

For a Free Beginning Chair Yoga Sequence that you can download and/or print, click on the picture above to open the pdf in your browser, or right click on the picture and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer.  This is a great sequence for you to do at home or in the office to get your body moving and start gaining some of the benefits of Yoga today.

These poses should feel like a good stretch and you may feel a bit sore afterwards.  If at anytime you feel unsafe in your body when performing any of these poses, please stop and reassess what you are doing.  If you have difficulty with any of these poses it may be a good indication that a few 1-on-1 private yoga sessions are for you.  However if you feel a hurt or pain that doesn’t feel “right” or you have a sharp or shooting pain when performing any of these exercises please seek an evaluation from your local physical therapist.

If you have any further questions about if Chair Yoga is right for you please leave a comment below.

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