What You Need to Do Before Having Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Do you have wrist pain? Were you told you could have carpal tunnel syndrome?

In this video with Dr. Derek Nielsen of Kaizen Physical Therapy, we talk about how to know whether you should really have surgery and what you can do instead.

There are multiple reasons that you could be having carpal tunnel symptoms. Traditionally, there should be some sort of tingling down the hand if you have “carpal tunnel syndrome.”

One thing you definitely want to consider is your age. If you’re someone younger and having symptoms, it’s probably not traditional carpal tunnel. If you don’t have the typical desk job, you probably don’t have it either. Sometimes, even if you are older and have the desk job, you may not have it either!

This is something we see in our clinics all the time. People come in and say they have been diagnosed, but in reality, it isn’t carpal tunnel, even though the same or similar symptoms are present.

But what really is carpal tunnel? There’s a little channel on your wrist where some nerves and tendons glide. That’s the carpal tunnel. Carpal tunnel syndrome is just a name for a group of signs and symptoms of pain in this area. Technically, it would be a compression of the nerve, but that’s not usually what is happening. Plus, “compression” is a really strong word as it doesn’t take much to irritate a nerve and trigger a pain response.

Everyone has two carpal tunnels. This is just the term for the space between the bones of your wrists (your carpal bones) where nerves and tendons travel. The muscles that move your fingers are actually in your forearm. When this space gets irritated and inflamed, it can cause pain and tingling in your hand. This is what people are referring to when they say “carpal tunnel syndrome.”

Many people are misdiagnosed because many of the same symptoms can be created by muscles in your arm, shoulder and/or neck. Also, too many people rely on Dr. Google and their friends for their diagnosis. So, just because you think you have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or even if another medical provider has diagnosed you with this, that doesn’t mean you are at the end of the road and there is nothing that can be done to help, short of surgery.

If you have been diagnosed, there is no need for alarm. Most people who have pain in their wrist usually have a shoulder or neck problem and we can reproduce these “carpal tunnel” symptoms in the clinic, which means we can help.

If you’re concerned you have carpal tunnel syndrome or are having wrist pain and want to speak with our wrist pain specialist, click the link here to request a consult with our doctor of physical therapy so we can give you a roadmap to success and get you back to the activities and work you want to be doing!

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