Have you been told you should never squat again?

Have You Been Told You Should Never Squat Again?

Have you ever been told that if you squat again, you’re going to blow out your knees?

Unfortunately, we hear it all the time from our patients.

In this video I recorded with Dr. Derek Nielsen of Kaizen Physical Therapy, we talk about why it’s absolutely possible for you to get back to squatting again!

The two of us are here to tell you that it’s okay to squat. It’s okay to sit on the toilet. It’s okay to pick something off the ground.

We’ve seen patients that come in saying their “doctor” told them they shouldn’t be squatting because their knees are so bad. Your provider might be well-meaning in saying this, but what they’re really doing is limiting your possibilities. They are putting in your head that there is something wrong with your knees.

The truth is, “bone on bone” and arthritis in your knee are not the only reason they hurt and don’t have to limit your activities. We have patients who are “bone on bone” who return to playing basketball, running, squatting and even lifting weights.

Movement is Medicine!

In fact, I’ve personally treated a patient who was told after 2 knee surgeries and 8 weeks of physical therapy that she would never squat again. The problem was, her profession as a firefighter required it! After just a few visits in our clinic, with our whole body approach, techniques and corrective training, she was able to get back to work. And over the course of just a few short months, she was traveling across the country to California fighting fires!

If you’ve ever been told this, don’t worry. What you should do is reach out to a physical therapist and get evaluated to see what’s going on. In our experience, quite often it’s just the muscles around the area of concern that are causing the pain you are experiencing and not the joint itself. So, once we get the muscles to calm down, all of a sudden, your knee will feel better, and you can squat again. It might even be your hips or core stability that’s keeping you from squatting and it’s just your knees letting you know that something is not right.

Click here to talk with one of our knee pain specialists about how you can get back on the path to squatting again!

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