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How to Tell Whether or Not You Have an Injury or It’s Just Arthritis

Do you have knee pain with running and think it is just because you are getting older? Have you been told that running is bad for your knees? We are going to tackle those questions in today’s post! So, how can you tell if you have arthritis or if your knee pain is because of…

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Have You Been Told You’re “Bone on Bone” or That You Need Surgery Now?

Have you been told you’re bone on bone, and that you need a hip replacement, knee replacement or that there’s nothing you can do about it? Today, we will tell you exactly what it means when someone tells you you’re bone on bone, what you need to do about it, and why it doesn’t mean…

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How To Come Back Even Stronger After An Injury

One of the questions that we get asked about frequently about injury is: “Will I ever regain full range of motion and will I ever get my strength back after an injury?” Yes and yes. What happens when you get an “injury”? Sometimes there’s tissue damage. Other times there isn’t. Pain does not always mean…

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Why A Disk Injury Doesn’t Mean the End of Your Lifting Career

We all have seen that guy in the gym who does bench and upper body day every day with the huge chest and tiny legs. I have one in my gym who competes in powerlifting, bench only. When I asked him why he doesn’t compete in squat or deadlift, he replied, “because I hurt my…

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